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Our Mission

For business-to-business marketers, BMA Chicago is the place to learn about the latest trends, news and ideas, to connect to other b-to-b marketers, and advance their professional careers.

Our Chapter Purpose

  • To improve business-to-business marketing communications and related marketing techniques and their skillful use;
  • To stimulate interest in and promote a better understanding of business-to-business communications and related marketing functions;
  • To encourage research related to business-to-business marketing communications;
  • To provide opportunities for members to improve their managerial skills;
  • To encourage programs aimed at training personnel for business-to-business, marketing communications and related business functions;
  • To cooperate with other groups toward a better understanding of business-to-business marketing communications; and,
  • To promote the highest ethical and professional standards and practices in business-to-business marketing communications.

In addition, the Chapter may participate in such civic or other activities as may be deemed advisable by the Board of Directors.