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Breakfast Seminar

Get Past the Hype & Get Down to Business: Measuring Social Media

When Web 2.0 brought information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration to the forefront, it ushered in the era of Enterprise 2.0: social software within a business context. And while most of the focus around social media has been on getting a message out, this presentation takes a different approach: how to use social media to listen.

In this session, Todd Nilson, an experienced IT industry executive and visionary from SPR Companies’ Social Syntax, will review what kind of information is available from monitoring social media sources across the Web as well as the difference between tactical and reactive monitoring vs. strategic and proactive analysis.

He will explain how understanding geographical data, demographics and trends in popularity can result in faster, targeted responses that avert risk and take advantage of opportunities you would never have guessed.
Nilson will also discuss how to measure actionable outcomes so that you can adjust your market messages to best effect and maximize your strategic objectives.
In this session, you will learn:
- The value that social media listening tools can provide (before everyone else fully does)
- How to identify metrics that can be used to quantify the success of your social media
- Data analysis techniques to optimize and plan
- How to develop a roadmap for social media strategic action
About Todd Nilson
Todd Nilson specializes in social media strategy focused on employment branding, the hiring process, and candidate experience. He began his career in 1996 as an IT recruiter and spent time as a lead game designer for an online game company. Currently, Todd is the President of Social Syntax, leveraging technology resources to help businesses radically strengthen their sales, brand awareness, employee & customer retention and satisfaction through social media channels. He is also the founder of GoIndigo, LLC, a Milwaukee-based creative career events management company responsible for volunteer-driven events like Milwaukee JobCamp, Resume Slam, and Interview Improv.

Nilson is a board member of the Milwaukee Interactive Media Association, the Illinois Recruiters Network, the Skilled Recruiters Network of Chicago, Web414 and a member of the Society for Information Management where he serves on its national social media team.

Additionally, he chairs the recruiting committee of AbillTyConnection, a non-profit group supported by Goodwill Services dedicated to finding meaningful employment in IT for professionals with disabilities. Nilson is also a board member of the non-profit Milwaukee group Bucketworks, a founding board member of the Milwaukee Agile users group and board member of SIM Wisconsin. He is the former president of the Wisconsin Professional Recruiters Resource and eInnovate.

Nilson’s writings on the topics of recruiting process and virtual teamwork have been published by the American Society for Quality and the Encyclopedia for Human Resources Information Systems as well as in his own blog on hiring and related issues titled ‘talentline411’. He regularly speaks on the topics of recruiting, the practical uses of social media, effective job search techniques and networking.
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