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MarketingMasters Luncheon Seminar

Intel’s Inventors Star in First Brand Campaign

Presented by Nancy Bhagat, VP of Sales/Marketing and Director, Global Marketing Strategy and Campaigns, Intel

Ask virtually anyone in any country if he or she knows what Intel is and the answer will be yes. So why would a company with a worldwide awareness level above 80 percent need to launch a branding campaign? 

Find out on Thursday, Nov. 5, when Intel’s Nancy Bhagat keynotes BMA’s next MarketingMasters Luncheon Seminar at The Standard Club. Bhagat, Intel’s vice president of global marketing strategy and campaigns, will explain why the company launched its first-ever branding campaign last spring, and she’ll give a progress report on the results so far.
While having a global awareness level above 80 percent may sound like a nice kind of problem to have, Bhagat said the company has seen its relevance level decline recently. “When I say relevance, I mean, do people think about us before they make a technology purchase,” she explained.
Bhagat said the decision to launch a brand campaign came out of a creative ad agency pitch late last year. The agency the company elected to work with told her that Intel’s messaging sounded too much like that of its partners, such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard.
“So they said we need to leap over the everyday trap and we need to talk about what’s really different about us,” Bhagat said. “And what’s different is the amount of innovation and forward thinking that the company puts into everything we do.”
Thus was born the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” campaign, which focuses on the many genius inventors who work at Intel and make the company stand out from the crowd. Intel’s inventors hold patents for scores of products, such as the universal serial bus, or USB port, which connects computers and peripherals; the DVD; and the technology behind airbag safety.
The multimedia campaign includes TV commercials that portray these genius inventors as “rock stars.” Actors portraying actual inventor employees stroll through a laboratory as other employees cheer, flash cameras and ask for autographs. The spots end with the tagline, “Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars.”
Another important platform of the campaign is the Intel Web site, which has a Sponsors of Tomorrow landing page, Bhagat said. “People think of as really being about technical audiences or developers, and we wanted consumers to find that it also was for them, too, and that there was a story for them.”
Reviews and articles on the campaign in Advertising Age and Adweek have been favorable, and Bhagat said the company’s customer motivation scores are up significantly. “So that’s very, very positive,” she said, “because the goal is to help drive relevance, make Intel top of mind, and motivation scores are a good measure of that.”

About Nancy Bhagat

Nancy Bhagat is vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group at Intel Corporation and serves as director of global marketing strategy and campaigns. She leads a team of strategic marketers who act as advocates of Intel’s end customers and is responsible for creating strategies and messages that are relevant and impactful. This includes strategic go-to-marketing plans, communications and media strategy, and messaging.

Bhagat was initially hired at Intel to create and manage the Integrated Marketing Group, where she pioneered a new open-source agency model and drove several digital innovations. She was responsible for all advertising, digital marketing, global media, corporate events, marketing communications, brand identity and agency management worldwide.

Her career spans the breadth of marketing disciplines, with emphasis on brand and product strategy, and digital and integrated marketing. Prior to joining Intel in September 2005, Bhagat held several senior roles within the software industry. She was most recently at Macromedia, where she was chief marketing officer. Prior to Macromedia, Bhagat was senior vice president of global marketing for Computer Associates International, where she played a critical role in driving the rebranding and repositioning of the company in the early part of this decade.

In addition to her career on the client marketing side, Bhagat spent several years in senior, global positions at advertising agencies such as J. Walter Thompson and a startup marketing boutique named Schell Mullaney.

Bhagat holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in business administration and political science from Gettysburg College. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, and participates on various marketing councils.



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